To Morphettville Racing!

Horse racing in Australia is one of the richest industries in the country, as it is ably supported by millions of punters and bookmakers from around the world. Close to 400 racecourses are available in the entire country, which host thousands of local and international horse racing events each year. One such place is the Morphettville Racecourse which is located in the state of South Australia. It is a significant centre of horse racing as it houses the South Australia Jockey Club – a world renowned centre where horse racing has come out as a powerful force to reckon with. It has been gifted by beautiful thoroughbred horses and racing events during the entire length of the year.

The Morphettville Racecourse is also known as the Allan Scot Park Morphettville due to the popularity of the horse races at this venue. The Morphettville Racecourse has a rich history of conducting horse racing events in the state of South Australia, which date back to the year 1875. This was the year when the first known race meeting was held at the Morphettville Racecourse, with a strong hope for a successful and brighter future. Year’s later, the Morphettville Racecourse and the races held at the venue are known by every bookmaker and punter around the world for their quality and excitement.Morphettville Racing

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Many horse racing centres envy the high level of competition at the Morphettville Racecourse and the quality of horses that are brought to this place. This is the reason why many punters and bookmakers from Australia and around the world take active part in the races held at the Morphettville Racecourse. Even the punters who cant make it to Morphettville can still fully participate in the races through online betting. It is just as good as being there with all the comfort of home.

Details about the venue

The total circumference of the Morphettville Racecourse is 2339 metres which allows the jockeys and trainers enough space and length to give the horses some quality training. Morphettville Racecourse has a final length of 334 metres which generates a lot of interest and excitement during the death moments of the races held at this venue. The usual length of a race held at the Morphettville Racecourse ranges between the 1000 metre mark and the 3200 metre mark. The flexibility which the Morphettville Racecourse gives to the organisers is the reason why the most important Australian horse races are held at this venue. Some of the popular Morphettville racing events include the Australasian Oaks, the Adelaide Cup, the Robert Songster Stakes, the Goodwood Handicap and the Group 1 SA Derby.

These events attract thousands of online gamblers and punters from Australia and abroad. Importantly, those punters who are unable to get tickets for the events at the Morphettville Racecourse use the online option to wage their bets. The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s richest horse racing event and holds a global renown for also being quite prestigious. Punters all over the world place bets for it online each year. This year, the 2013 Melbourne Cup’s prize money reaches a total of $6.2 million. Online gambling in Australia is famous for the range of bets that the websites offer on horse racing outcomes. Some 13 billion dollars have already been invested in the entire industry as of now – the future looks even brighter as thousands of bets are waged over the internet on a daily basis. Access to the internet is the main thing that is spreading this industry to vast parts of Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

Interest from the online punters

A hugeincrease in betting has been seen after the advent of offshore betting. Many people sitting in Singapore, Dubai, Brazil and America have taken keen interest in the horse racing industry of Australia. The events held at the Morphettville Racecourse during the calendar year have also seen a rise in online gambling from overseas punters and gamblers. This is because the qualities of the horses during the events at the Morphettville Racecourse are just amazing. For instance, the Goodwood Handicap held during the month of May attracts the very best horses from the entire country.

Online gambling and the Australian websites have supported the Morphettville Racecourse to a great length. All the websites from Australia provide free information about the Morphettville Racecourse which is related to race history, past winners and losers, track conditions, previous stats and trends, and many other services which force the punter to bet on the races at the Morphettville Racecourse. According to expert online gamblers, the Morphettville Racecourse attracts the very best horses from the state of South Australia. This is the reason why horse racing at the Morphettville Racecourse is known to be the premier thoroughbred horse racing centre in the entire country.

Those punters and gamblers wanting to visit the Morphettville Racecourse can find it in the City of Marion, which is a suburb in Adelaide. The excitement and competition of wagering at a horse racing event in Australia is very different than any other country. Horse racing is the highest revenue generating industry in Australia which speaks volumes about the interest of the local people in this sport. Due to this heightened interest, the excitement levels in the horse races cannot be explained in words. The phrase ‘seeing is believing’ fits to the equation very well, which is why thousands of tourists’ and visitors flock to horse racing at the Morphettville Racecourse.

The online websites are complete guides as they provide the latest options in gambling along with hotels and places where the gamblers can visit during their stay in South Australia. The online gambling industry and the horse racing industry have supported each other very well, as both the industries have done in the past. Historically speaking, both the industries were not well received by the early settlers in Australia.

Gambling was restricted to horse meetings in the country before the gambling industry was legalised and streamlined. A great amount of investment is being made in the gambling and horse racing industries due to high tax collections for the government. Online gambling is a very safe procedure to earn loads of cash prizes and this is what the Morphettville Racing is all about. Without moving a muscle, you can win thousands of dollars without any hassle. Now what can be better than earning money while watching your favourite sport and that too in the luxury of your own home?